Mistress Lisa's Top 20 ways to punish your man

Has your man been a naughty boy? Has he cheated on you? Has he treated you unfairly? Has he done something that gets on your nerves? Does he go out with the guys EVERY weekend and leave you at home? Or are you just looking for a way to show him that you wear the pants in the relationship? Well, here's my list of 20 ways you can punish your man so he'll learn to behave!


-Mistress Lisa

1. Make him swallow his own cum.
This is by far one of the most effective punishments you can give any man. The thought of swallowing one's own load repulses a man and forcing him to swallow his cum is a very effective tool for training your man. Try it, and you'll be surprised by how much better he behaves.

2. Make him swallow another man's cum.
What is worse for a man than swallowing his own cum? Swallowing ANOTHER man's cum! Some men are homophobic so this punishment works in two ways: First, it makes him commit a homosexual act, which he might be strongly against. Second, it makes him swallow cum, which isn't exactly pleasant. For this to work, though, you have to have a close guy friend that you and your man can trust.

3. Spank him until his ass is red.
This is such a simple technique, but it had to be listed. Spanking is something so common that it's probably the first thing people think of when they hear the word "punishment." Spanking is a great way to get your man to behave himself. Just pull down those pants of his, bend him over, and slap that ass until it's nice and red!

4. Show him who's boss by inflicting anal.
Men like to be in charge when having sex. They like to put their penis in every hole you've got. So I came up with the perfect punishment! Turn the tables on him! Make him feel what it's like to be a woman by forcing him to take it up the ass. If you have a dildo, this would work perfectly. If not, you might have to get creative by forcing him to stick his finger up his ass. In fact, you could see how many fingers he can fit in his anus and see how far he can force them in there.

5. Dress him as a woman.
This is one of the ultimate punishments because for many men, cross-dressing is extremely embarrassing. You could make him wear one of your tight revealing outfits, or simply dress him up in the most ridiculous costume you can find. Make sure he shaves those legs before going out into public! ;)

6. Make him shave his body hair.
Inspired by the last sentence I wrote in the previous example, make him shave his body hair so he's nice and smooth! You may not like your man to be bald, so you can let him keep the hair on his head, but make him shave everything else on his body!

7. Tie him up naked.
This is a simple punishment, but fun for you! Tie your man up naked and blindfold him. Make him stand (or kneel) in front of an open window and leave him there for however long you want! You'll spend many minutes laughing at him as he worries whether a passer-by on the street will see him naked!

8. Force him to be nude in public (or outdoors).
Public nudity is embarrassing for anybody, so this will surely teach your man a lesson! Drive him out to the middle of nowhere and leave him naked by the side of the road. Then, tell him you'll be back to pick him up in an hour! hehe

9. Force him to be your slave.
This is a good way of getting him to obey your every command. Make him get the morning newspaper. Then the afternoon mail. Make him do all the household chores. Have him give you a massage. Let your mind roam free! The possibilities are endless!

10. Make him wear his underwear on his head.
Not exactly the best punishment around, but I laughed my ass off the first time I saw my man with his underwear on his head! It's pretty darn funny. If you really wanna be mean, you can make him stuff his briefs completely in his mouth! :)

11. Force him to eat something he dislikes.
This doesn't sound like much, but imagine if YOU were forced to eat something you didn't like. It'd be tough, wouldn't it? Make him swallow that gross stuff and watch his face as it crumples up with every bite.

12. Or, force him to eat something that he likes but modify it.
The flipside of the previous punishment is that you can make him eat something he really likes, but change it so he no longer likes it anymore! Add maybe some type of condiment he doesn't like... or worse! You can make him cum on it and then eat it.

13. Make him urinate on himself.
You don't necessarily have to make him pee his pants, but that'd be fun too! To avoid any excess laundry, you can just have him strip naked for you and after he's had lots to drink, make him sit down and pee on himself!

14. Have food fun with him.
There's no end to this! The possibilities are enormous! Smear ketchup and mustard on him! Crack an egg on his head! Spread whip cream on his body! Pour flour on him! There's so much you can do with food it's unbelievable! And it's a great way to punish your man if he dislikes certain types of food. Punish him by making him smell like it!

15. Perform bondage.
One of the most basic ways to punish your man. Kind of goes along with spanking, but this gets more into detail! Tie him up and gag him. Make him rip duct tape off his pubic area. Give him a wedgie with his underwear. Make it hurt as you rip it nice and hard. There are so many ways you can punish him by using bondage!

16. Make him your chauffeur.
Have your man drive you anywhere you want to go and make him open the door for you when you get in and out of the car! Very simple!

17. Force him to do what you want to do for a change.
Is your man the type of guy that likes to sit on the couch and watch sports all day? Does he refuse to take you out for a nice dinner or help you in the garden? Very simply put... make him do what you want to do for a day. And he has to enjoy it too! No whining or else he'll be punished even more severely!

18. Treat him like a dog for a day.
This one is actually really funny. There's nothing like man's best friend. Have your man become YOUR best friend! hahaha! Put him in a tiny dog's cage for an hour or two. Make him eat his food out of a bowl and drink his water from a bowl too.... ON THE GROUND, of course! Make him go outside and pee on the lawn. Take him for a walk using a leash!! It is so hilarious to watch your man act like a dog. Because let's face it, most men ARE dogs.

19. Order a pizza and make him answer the door naked.
This one is really cruel. Make your man order a pizza and when the delivery guy comes to the door, make your man answer it naked! You'll be surprised by all the weird looks your man will get! It's so funny!

20. Create an adult website.
This one can be quite fun for the two of you. You can either take pictures of you punishing your man and turn it into a bondage web site! Or, you can just take nude pictures of your man and post them on a web site! Either way, your man is going to be embarrassed and thus, you will have punished him for being a bad boy.

I hope I have helped you with some ideas for punishing your man! Don't let him be a naughty boy! Take charge in the relationship and show him who's boss!

Mistress Lisa